Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Specialty Cheese

I wanted to write a quick post before disappearing into homework until Thursday night. Last week once I started feeling like I could eat more than just mango juice and vegetables, I tried a piece of this incredible double-cream cheese that my friend Kayden got for me:

It's kind of like brie but has a bit more flavor. I tried it with stoneground wheat crackers and they went together perfectly. Sometimes you've gotta go for a piece of specialty cheese. Yum.

Tonight my mom sent me a copy of an E-mail sent to her by a health teacher in her school district. The teacher saw "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" and was inspired to send out an E-mail to the teachers and administrators within the district, urging them to look over what is served in the district's cafeterias, to help their students make good food choices and to watch the show. I have heard a ton of reactions to the show (all positive and passionate) and can only imagine how many E-mails like these have been sent out in the past couple of days.

I cannot wait to watch that first "preview" episode on Thursday once I've handed in all of my work! I will get back to you all Thursday night after watching the show and let you know my take on it! In the meantime, tomorrow night I will be making the lettuce wraps that I made in London, you can find the recipe here.

With health,



  1. I watched a preview of Jamie's Food Revolution last week (Thursday, I think?), it was very interesting. Something definitely needs to be done about school food - I cringe when I think about what I was eating 20 years ago. Take a peek at this blog, if you haven't already :) http://fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that blog with me I hadn't seen it before!