Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything I Ate Friday-Sunday

Sorry for my little blogging hiatus! I was in Delaware over the weekend and I am now prepared to share with you everything I ate over the past weekend. I'm going to continue to post everything I eat throughout the week and hopefully it will be interesting (in a good way!) to visually see what I eat on a given day.

Friday morning I went to Friendship Heights with my friend Jeff so that we could check out a restaurant for Alpha Kappa Psi's formal. We stopped at Booeymonger for a quick breakfast and I picked multi-grain french toast and an over-easy egg.

I had about an hour or so to get everything together for Spring Break after our meeting at the restaurant so I pulled together this quick lunch of a banana and peanut butter and greek yogurt with frozen cherries that I defrosted. A quick and yummy lunch.

On the Amtrak train to Delaware I had a cashew cookie Larabar (probably my favorite). I am trying to finish "In Defense of Food" but I keep re-reading everything! The guy I was sitting next to on the train actually kinda looked like Michael Pollan. I wanted to take a picture but I think that would have been pretty awkward!

Once I got to Will's house in Delaware we split a bag of Aged White Cheddar Pirate's Booty.

We went out to this Malaysian restaurant in Delaware called Pinang (the website isn't coming up but you can search for reviews). It seems like a lot of non-Japanese or sushi restaurants nowadays also offer sushi but I'm not complaining, especially when it's good! We ordered a Dark Clouds roll as an appetizer (spicy eel with white tuna on top).

For dinner I ordered the Seafood Scramble Egg Chow Fun after seeing the dish being delivered to the table next to ours. I LOVE the way they serve these noodles because they "cook" as you eat them. Notice how the noodles around the edge of the bowl are still crunchy! I doggy-bagged half of the dish for Will's Sunday night dinner.

For dessert we split green tea ice cream which came with orange slices and tea. Hi Will :)

Saturday morning we woke up kinda late (it is Spring Break!) so we split a Gala apple I had sliced the day before and then headed to Panera for lunch.

I ordered a Classic salad and Mediterranean Veggie sandwich:

I asked for the sandwich to be toasted and the tomato basil bread it came on was SO good. The sandwich included cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, feta cheese, peppers and cilantro hummus.

We walked around a bit and then sat on the outdoor deck of this coffeehouse called Brew-Ha-Ha. I got a soy chai and Will and I split this chocolate cookie cake concoction:

We walked around the UD campus for a little and then headed back to his house where he and his roommates played video games that I pretended to know something about (the last video game I played was against my little brother in '99. It was Tarzan-themed). For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant called Santa Fe. To start we got some chips with guacamole and salsa:

I had a craving for enchiladas (which I will be making for dinner tomorrow night!) so I ordered spinach enchiladas that were smothered in this tomatillo-cream sauce. The dish came with mashed potatoes but our waitress said I could substitute that with rice. It was reallllllyyy good.

The best part of the meal, however, was the sweet fried plantains. I love love love love love plantains. Love. These were especially delicious:

Hello there!

Later that night we broke into a box of cupcakes we had purchased earlier at Sweet-N-Sassy.

Will got a Red Velvet and I chose a Peanut Butter:

We both woke up late again on Sunday (opps!) but instead of quickly gobbling breakfast and then grabbing lunch I suggested we eat pizza for brunch. Will asked, "You really want to eat pizza first thing in the morning?" If it means eating pizza that is almost (almost) as good as the pizza I get at home with incredible crust then yes. And so we went to Peace of Pizza:

I ordered a Vegetarian Primavera which included olives, artichokes, and breaded eggplant (among other vegetables):

As well as a whole wheat Fresh Mozzarella. I got a little over-ambitious with this one-- I like crunchy, thin crust pizza and the way it was positioned in the display case I didn't realize that it was deep dish! I piled the toppings on to the crust and ate that while Will munched on some of the rest.

Will ordered Bar-B-Que Chicken and Honey Lime Chicken slices:

After lunch we went to see "Valentine's Day" (which I actually really liked, but I am a sap for romantically-themed movies) and I snuck in a bag of Pirates Booty which is not pictured due to the whole no-light situation. For dinner we went to a deli and picked up a turkey and provolone sandwich on a Kaiser roll with a bottle of Nantucket Nectar's Peach-Orange juice. Deli's always add way more sandwich fillings than you actually need for a normal-sized sandwich so I usually wrap up the fillings from one side and then spread the fillings from the other between the two sides. Call me cheap but I just can't eat that much!

I also had my first Ginger Snap Larabar:

The bar was a bit spicier than I had expected but I still really liked it.

My parents picked me up at the train station on Long Island and we went straight to Red Mango. My brother had also just come into town from a Model UN trip he was on and he was craving some fro-yo. I got a medium-sized Original flavor with raspberries:

I missed Purim last week so my mom got me some Hamantaschen (a traditional triangular cookie eaten on Purim that's usually filled with jelly). She got me ones with poppy seed, apricot and raspberry fillings. Yum. I had a poppy seed one last night and here it is with my mom's newest rooster named Mona (named after the woman who got my mom our kitchen's 17th rooster).

I made myself a late-night cooler of green tea mango iced tea with frozen mango "ice cubes." It was very refreshing and the mangoes were fun to eat!

Now that I am up to speed I am going to do another post a little later tonight (I know, I go to sleep waaay too late. I'm working on it!) to tell you what I ate today and what I made for dinner. I also just finished watching "Food Inc." with my parents so I will tell you a bit about that as well!

With health,


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