Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Weekend

Twelve of my nearest and dearest family members are in D.C. this weekend to see the sites. Seeing as I am their tour guide, I'm going to make this short and will be absent from blogging tomorrow. My Aunt Barbara, Uncle Len and cousin Greg arrived first today from the beautiful state of Maine and we ate dinner at Ping Pong. They really enjoyed the restaurant and its atmosphere and we ordered a bunch vegetarian dishes to share (my aunt and uncle are both veggies!). Next I went back to my apartment in time for the arrival of my mom who had with her two bags of Kosher for Passover goods as well as a fake plant for the dining room that I will be eating in until next May (anyone in need of a fake plant for next summer??).

Tomorrow we're going to go to the National Mall to hit up some museums for my cousins and we will end the day in Georgetown and an incredible Lebanese restaurant called Neyla. Every course is sure to be a photo-op so I will definitely be taking a bunch of pictures! The newest episode of "Veggie Bites" is now up on YouTube and I think you will really enjoy it. I'm baking french bread (which is a less daunting task than it seems, I promise) and making cheese fondue with a green bean salad. Directions and ingredients for this will be up on Sunday as well as a recap of my weekend with my family!

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