Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whittle My Middle-- or something like that?!

So as promised, I am going to share with you my new fitness plan! Usually I go to the gym and do 30ish minutes on the elliptical and 30ish minutes of strength and try to change it up but this never ends up actually happening. Instead, I end up doing the exact same thing every single day (anyone else with me here?!). My favorite blog, which inspired me to slurp up Green Monsters in the mornings (more on these on Thursday), is called Oh She Glows and is written by a woman named Angela.

About a month ago she started the second "Whittle My Middle" workout plan and I decided to start it on the first of February. You can find the link here: and please follow along with me if you are stuck in a fitness rut, too! I've only been doing these exercises for the past two days and I already feel like I am standing up straighter and I recognize my core muscles when doing simple things such as bending foreward. I think I am going to supplement these routines (which have so far been taking me about 8 minutes) with elliptical and strength training and see what happens-- who knows, maybe I will lose an inch or two?

I am definitely pretty strong-willed about working out. As my Mom has always told me, "If you like to eat you are going to have to love working out." I certainly believe that but I also believe that you are doing a disservice to your heart if you don't strengthen it. (Can anyone say cardiac muscle?!). Anyway, I will let you all know how it is going and what the results are along the way. I encourage all of you to change up your fitness routines in order to call on different muscles. In my own experience, I've found that if workouts become boring they simply will not work, so do something different for your body! Plus, working out gives you the right to reward yourself with something like a satisfying soy-vanilla shake made with frozen berries. YUM!

OK, OK enough with all of this fitness stuff! Today I ate a breakfast of organic honey-nut cereal and milk with blueberries, a lunch of oatmeal bread with organic provolone cheese and roasted turkey, a sliced apple and toffee-something Cliff bar for snack and a dinner of... well... a lot. I was invited to the Ping Pong D.C. Chinese New Year Event and trust me, I ate to my heart's content. I took a TON of pictures and had a wonderful time and will dedicate my entire post to the event tomorrow!

With health,


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