Monday, February 1, 2010

"Veggie Bites" Gets A Blog!

I. Love. Food.

This is a relationship that stems from the early days when I ate a handful of my first birthday cake before the "Happy Birthday" was sung, and the time when I chose to have grilled chicken and Penne a la Vodka on the kid's menu at my Bat Mitzvah-- I figured it would be a nice escape from all of those chicken nuggets.

I want to share my love of food with the world and inspire people to realize that food should not just be thought of as something you utilize three times a day in order to satisfy hunger. When you really think about it, those three meals a day (plus a couple of snacks thrown in here and there) are the perfect opportunities for you to celebrate your body and nourish it with only the best, most delicious foods. I hope that through this blog you will learn to do so.

For those who do not attend American University (AU), "Veggie Bites" is an AU-based vegetarian cooking show that teaches college students how to cook vegetarian meals that are both satisfying and delicious (even for omnivores!). To clarify, I myself am not a vegetarian. You might be wondering why I'd create a vegetarian cooking show if I eat meat. So many of my friends and colleagues at AU are vegetarians and I wanted the show to target an audience of people who may feel left out in terms of on-campus food options, and provide them with vegetarian recipes that are healthful crowd-pleasers. Despite the fact that I eat all foods, I have a great appreciation for foods that come from the earth and choose not to spoil my body with chemicals or processed food-like items (yes, 100-Calorie Packs and Nutri-Grain bars, this includes you!).

I am going to include several topics in this blog:
*media updates and recipes from "Veggie Bites"
*the food that I eat, which does largely consist of vegetarian meals
*the food I discover in Washington, D.C. and beyond
*fitness tips (not that I know many!)
*food blogs and articles that I think you will find interesting

Tomorrow I am going to tell you all about my new fitness regime and my favorite food and lifestyle blog!

With health,


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