Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm a big fan of snacking. I think that if you don't eat when you're hungry or craving something, you'll just end up going to the twinkizzlerollo bar later on. So if I'm hungry in between meals I'll eat something, but I won't go for potato chips (I actually don't even like potato chips, is that strange?). I picked up a mango macadamia-flavored Kind Plus bar over the weekend for my Amtrak ride back to DC. I somehow forgot to eat the bar on the train and I went directly from Union Station to the AU photo lab, suitcase and all. Two-and-a-half hours and four rolls of developed film later I was hungry. I suddenly remembered that I had this gem stowed away in my suitcase (yes, I wheeled my suitcase into the photo lab with me), so I ripped it open, took a bite and smiled. Those Kind people have got it down. This might sound crazy but as I consumed the first bit of the bar I thought to myself "this feels like a vacation in my mouth." I don't know whether it was from the chemicals or if I was just delusional from sleep exhaustion but I really did think that! The bar was loaded with dried mango pieces that were plump and juicy and the macadamia was chopped ever so slightly so that you could get actual chunks in your mouth. For February they are featuring the Kind Plus Cranberry Almond bar. Yum!

photo from fitsugar.com

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