Saturday, April 3, 2010


Matzah is pretty "blah" by itself and you can only eat "matzah pizza" so many times (perhaps I am speaking for myself on that one though haha). You can spice up your plain matzah with some goodies such as McCutcheon's Pumpkin Butter:

Or Organic Adriatic Fig Spread with Marcona almonds and that d'Affinois cheese I was raving about a few posts ago:

Both spreads are so delicious, so tantalizing, so interesting in texture that they will make any piece of matzah stand out in a crowd.

As my roommate, Tina, says about the pumpkin butter "It tastes like Fall." Indeed.The cheese, almonds and fig spread are courtesy of my Aunt Barbara who usually pairs a variation of the three on family gatherings (she doesn't mess around when it comes to food). This week I challenge you to find an interesting spread to put on an otherwise boring cracker!

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