Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ben's Chili Bowl and Matzah Brei

Last year I tried to go to Ben's Chili Bowl around Inauguration time but the line was so crazy that I ended up going somewhere else to eat instead. Both of my roommates went recently and since I was going to an event near there Friday night for my internship with Ping Pong, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go.

Will came to visit for the weekend and he was all about going, too! The line wasn't too bad-- we waited for about 15 minutes or so-- and the atmosphere was energized. You order your food while waiting on a snaked line and receive it as it's ready, even if that mean's passing chili cheese fries down the line to the person who ordered it. This, in addition to the Jazz and Funk music blasting from a jukebox, is what I think makes eating at Ben's Chili Bowl more of an attraction than a food experience.

I ordered a small Veggie Chili Bowl and coleslaw and fries for Will and I to split:

Will (who got a chili cheeseburger) and I both agreed; the food was not that great. We've both had better chili before and the fries could have easily come from any roller skating rink's eating area. While I'm not sure that I would go back again for the food, if you haven't gone I would definitely check it out to see the behind-the-counter hustle, hear the music first-hand and appreciate the relatively cheap prices.

On another note, this afternoon I made matzah brei for Will and I for brunch. The dish is egg-coated matzah that people either eat with sweet or savory toppings (my family is all about the sweet!).

To start, break three pieces of matzah and add to a bowl with a bit of warm water to soften. Once the matzah has absorbed the water, add two eggs and combine everything with your hands (rings off!):

Once the matzah is coated in egg, add the bowl's contents into a pan that's been heated with 1-2 tablespoons of canola oil on a medium heat. Turn over matzah to cook the egg and top with cinnamon and agave nectar while it's on the stove. Let the matzah cook in the pan for 7-10 minutes and serve with a peanut butter-filled chocolate egg if your boyfriend is Catholic and it's Easter :)

You can also top it with sugar or brown sugar instead of the agave, and we even ended up adding some of the pumpkin butter I blogged about yesterday. Delicious.

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